About Viv

Hi I'm Viv, are you ready to train with me?

It was July 2010 when it really dawned on me how much I had let go of myself! So I joined a gym and with the help of my trainer, I lost over 4 stone; halved my body fat; dropped 5 dress sizes, and became a trainer.

I've personally lost over 4 stone.

Whilst fat loss is currently my main speciality, it's not the only thing I can help you with. Whether you're training for an event, Army fitness test, want to bulk up or add definition to your muscles, improve your health or simply if you just want someone to train with or add more activity to your life, I can help!

I'm passionate about helping others achieve their health & fitness goals.

I understand how tough it can be to get fitness into your day around work, family and other commitments, trust me, I've come through them myself. I'll help you to fit your training into your day, avoiding as much disruption to you and your family as possible.

I will also help with your nutrition, giving you guidance and advice on what to eat (and of course, what not to eat) in order to help you to reach your goals, and to maintain those results once you've achieved your target.

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I look forward to meeting you!

So give me a call to arrange your free consultation, the first step on your journey to a new you!

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